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Q:How much is shipping within the UK?
Shipping in included within the price of the item for mainland UK, for international shipping please contact us
Q: How long have you been an established printer company?
A: We're a sister company of PPL and have over 35 years experience providing printer solutions to clients big and small. If you think we might be able to help you then feel free to contact contact us.
Q: How durable are the labels?
A: The labels should print to BS 5609 standard meaning they're adhesive coated labels for marine and therefore highly durable contact us.
Q:What is the warranty/service coverage?
A: We provide 12 months warranty coverage not including the manufacturer warranty. Servicing is included in this period for no additional cost. contact us.
Q: Is installation included in the price?
A: Yes it is included in the price to get a quote on your order contact us.
Q: What computer operating systems are the TC8 compatible with?
A: The MICROPLEX Windows driver supports all current versions of the Microsoft Windows operating systems, 32bit and 64bit contact us.
Q: Where can I buy consumables?
A: We can provide you with all consumables such as labels and print heads. For further enquires feel free to contact us.
Q: Which media can I use?
A: PPL have tied up with ITW thermal films and a number of label manufacturers to supply the various media types best suited for the TC8. Pricing and availability is subject to the individual needs of the client so we are more than happy to quote you for your requirements. For further enquires feel free to contact us.

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